Massage services at our spa offer a blend of relaxation, healing and wellness. What was considered a "treat" for many years has now become a part of staying healthy in today's stressful world.

Island Aroma Massage 
Need some balance in your life? This massage is a great way to begin! We use gentle massage techniques that will relax you and melt away the stress. Don’t worry, if you fall asleep…we’ll get you up and ready for the rest of the day! 

(50/80 min) $85/$125 

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

This is the one for those of you who get regular massages: weekend warriors, serious athletes and those just in need of healing. It is a full body massage with focus placed on your trouble zones. We can get you back in the game or just feeling better! 
(50/80 min) $95/$135   
Siesta Key Shell Massage  
Calm and re-balance body and mind with exotic and essential oils. Warm shells soothe muscles followed by a customized massage focusing on specific areas to ease tension, promote deep relaxation and give a sense of overall well-being.
(50 min) $100 
Beach Mama Massage 
This massage has been designed specifically for the expectant mother beyond the first trimester. Spend some time off of your feet, connecting with your baby!
(50 min) $95 
Togetherness Massage 
Experience a full body massage with your partner in our private treatment room using two therapists. Calming music and soft lighting enhance the experience. Afterwards, enjoy a glass of champagne in our relaxation area. It's the perfect way to reconnect.  
(50/80 min) $185/$325 

Perfect Escape

The perfect solution to relieve daily stress. This 25 minute massage focuses solely on relieving tension in the back, neck, and shoulder areas.  
(25 min) $50

Exotic Hydrating Fiji Massage

Reward your skin with exotic oils from the island of Fiji. Nutrients are introduced directly where their effects are needed, promoting healing, hydrating, and rejuvenating the skin’s cells for younger and healthier looking skin.

(50/80 min) $95/$135

Exotic Oil Scalp Massage (can be added to any massage service)  

Relax as warmed exotic oils are slowly drizzled into hair using a traditional coconut bowl. Let your worries drift while the vitamin rich oil is massaged through to deeply nourish the scalp and your hair.

(15 min) $20

Spa Treatments “Hollywood Style”
Spa treatments include a complimentary shampoo and blow-dry, as well as beverage service! Enjoy! *Based on availability

MM# 13197 

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