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  Island Style Massage

Massage services at our spa offer a blend of relaxation, healing and wellness. What was considered a "treat" for many years has now become a part of staying healthy in today's stressful world.

Spa Treatments “Hollywood Style”
Spa treatments include a complimentary shampoo and blow-dry, as well as beverage service! Enjoy! *Based on availability

MM# 13197

  Island Aroma Massage (50 min)

The combination of 100% organic, all natural products and gentle massage techniques will give you the back the balance you need. You will have your choice of rich scents from around the world such as Orange Lemongrass, Coconut Mint, Lavender Rosewood and more. Your therapist will begin your experience by lighting the candle of your choice. The warm melted plant extracts and essential oils will be used to massage you, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Put yourself first on the list today with this massage.

  Theraputic Deep Tissue (50/80) min

This is the one for those of you who get regular massage,weekend warriors,serious athletes and those just in need of healing. It is a full body massage with focus placed on your trouble zones. We can get you back in the game or just feeling better!

  Siesta Key Shell Massage (50 min)

The use of authentic heated smooth shells has a long tradition of soothing tired aching muscles. Combined with the scents of aromatherapy massage oil, your tension will slowly melt away. Relax and let your mind take you on a journey back to the beach.

  Tropical Thai Herbal Compress Massage (50 min)

This massage is  a dose of wellness! It includes massage and the use of heral compresses which detox the body and increase the metabolism. Great for staying healthy, we recommend this treatment monthly. Don't forget to drink lots of water after this!

  Caribbean Honey Ginger Massage (80 min)

This massage is Spa Hollywood's ultimate spa service. We use organic oils, honey and candles scented with pure ginger. There is also a heated honeycomb thermal pad used on the back that promotes circulation and really relaxes the back muscles. This massage is sooo relaxing, but even leaves your skin nourished with a soft warm glow. Your'e gonna be addicted!

  Beach Mama Massage (50min)

This massage has been designed specifically for the expectant mother beyond the first trimester.  Spend some time off of your feet, connecting with your baby!

  Togetherness Massage(50/80) min

Experience a full body massage with your partner in our private treatment room using two therapists. Calming music and soft lighting enhance the experience. Afterwards, enjoy a glass of champagne in our relaxation area. It's the perfect way to reconnect.

  Aroma Touch

This healing 30 minute treatment uses 8 essential oils to improve imbalances such as exposure to daily toxens, stress and inflammation which can all result in disease. The application of these oils will improve your feelings of overall health and well being.

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